How to invest in gold

All the triggers are in place for gold prices to increase in 2013 so more Americans are thinking how to invest in gold. Since 2003 we have seen gold prices increase by 500%, that is a profit of $500 for every $100 invested. This is a fantastic return so far but for gold things are just beginning. Because of this finding out how to invest in gold is becoming a matter for families all over America.

There is certainly quite a few factors which combined will see gold prices double or triple over the coming years. Lets examine history gold hit a high in the 1980’s of eight hundred dollars which in today’s money compares to to $3,000, gold is at present selling for $1,600 - $1,700 an ounce. In the 1970’s we saw gold prices rise 23 times in value. So far in the last ten years we have seen a rise of just 5 times.

Since 2008 central banks around the world have printed in excess of six trillion dollars to pay national debts. This is the start, this is expected to increase to $25 trillion by 2022. This is currency debasement on a scale the world has never seen. If when you go grocery shopping things seem more expensive it is not because their value is higher it is because your dollar does have the same value. This scale of money printing backed by no real assets has investors running to the safety of gold. All the wealthy nations are doing the same and moving their investments into real assets like gold as well. Last year we saw China buy 500 tonnes of gold for its reserves, if we consider that the International monetary fund reserve adds up to 3,000 tons we can see how big this purchase actually was. It’s not just China, we are now seeing South America, Russia and India following suit.

Currencies around the world used to be backed by real assets like gold, all currencies are nowunbacked.. Before 1971 all major countries had gold reserves to back the value of the currency but today this no longer happens. Central banks now have the independence to print money at will and because of the rise in debt over recent years this is happening on a scale we have not seen before. Currencies eventually need to have real value so this cannot last. This is an additional fact pushing governments around the world to move more of their assets into gold as security against this huge currency debasement.

These elements mean that gold could actually become unobtainable in the 2 years. If this takes place the cost could rise tenfold. Today most specialists agree gold will rise by 33% in 2013 and then triple over the next 3 years, this offers a massive return for such a safe asset.

So if you usually do not have gold as part of your investment portfolio now is the time to buy. If you would like to know how to invest in gold there is a lot of information obtainable. For the best information about how to invest in gold there is one video with all the information in one place, it is

Fantastic video about investing in gold: web page

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